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Florida Med Space is known for being the primary company that provides high quality service to medical practitioners in Florida. We will find the best professional office space for rent that are within easy reach, in close proximity to major hospitals and other medical centers and properties that are affordable. Included in our current Florida property listing are Plantation medical Plaza, the JFK Medical Arts Building, Westside Medical Plaza II, Royal Palm Medical Centre and Palmetto Medical and Surgical Suite which is connected to the Palmetto General Hospital.

Florida’s Primary Medical Property Experts

As a statewide source for finding prime medical real estate property that is perfect for those in the medical field, we are proud to source properties for medical doctors, dentists and other medical professionals in Florida. A great location plays a vital role in the success of your business, and it is with this in mind that we ensure that we locate properties that will contribute to the growth of your medical business. Sourcing property that takes into consideration, location, affordability and the ability to provide a great foundation for growth, we are a leader in our field.

Affordable Professional Office Space for Rent

The success of your medical practice lies with a number of factors including the location you choose to operate from in Florida. We have an experienced team that is trained to know which locations are best. We choose buildings that are in close proximity to hospitals or locations where patients will find your office accessible.

If you are seeking a professional office space for rent, you can rely on the services of Florida Med Space. We take pride in finding you the right location. Contact us so we can help you to start on the road to success for your medical practice.

Florida Doctor Office Space For Rent

Florida Med Office Space is the first and only reliable option for finding the right location to carry out your medical practice in Florida. We work together with a number of different medical personnel to locate prime medical real estate property that is perfect for having a medical unit. We currently have a number of available properties that are that include Plantation medical Plaza, the JFK Medical Arts Building and Westside Medical Plaza II in Palm Beach Florida. Other available buildings include, Royal Palm Medical Centre which provides great opportunities and is easily accessible. Its close proximity to Boca Raton Regional Hospital makes it great for medical business.

Prime Medical Space in Florida

There are a number of factors that determines whether a good medical space is profitable. These include the nearness to hospitals and how accessible the location is in terms of populated areas. With our expert services we consider all the necessary needs that each individual business or institution might require when they are seeing to find the perfect place. As experts in Healthcare we will help you to guide your business on the right path by starting with a great location.

Find a Profitable Doctors Office Space For Rent

Finding a suitable doctor’s office in Florida is made easy with the only company that places vital importance in finding medical real estate properties. We understand how busy doctors get and as such we conduct all the searching on your behalf. We will ensure that you secure an affordable space that has a suitable location and is easily accessible for your clientele.

If you are searching for a doctor office space for rent or any medical property in Florida, get the best out of your search by contacting Florida Med Space. We will work to get you the location that you always desire. We will ensure that you get a premier doctor office space for rent.

Florida Dental Office Space

Florida Med Space is Florida’s most lucrative option to locate the best and most affordable real estate company that specializes primarily in locating medical properties. As a Dental Office Broker we provide a valuable service to our important customers in South Florida and are the best and only sure option when it comes to locating medical properties. We have a number of buildings available in Palm Beach Florida including Plantation medical Plaza, the JFK Medical Arts Building and Westside Medical Plaza II.

Florida’s Primary Source for Medical Buildings

Physicians, medical personnel, hospital administrators and other health care professional trust the services of Florida Med Space to keep their medical practice or business going. It is with this same level of professionalism that we are able to carry out our property search. We are the first options for dental practitioners who need valuable services of a dental office broker. We will work and negotiate to find you the most affordable dental space for rent. A great location in Florida is key for any business and as your trusted advisors you can place your business in our hands as we work assiduously to ensure that you find a location that will be beneficial for your business.

Find the Best Medical Property in Florida

We are not your everyday dental office broker, as Florida Med Space does not just find you any business. We are in operation to ensure that practitioner such as dentists, finds dental space for rent that takes client satisfaction at the forefront.

If you are a dental practitioner in Florida and in search of a perfect location for your business, we will definitely be available to offer ready assistance. Let us help you to find you a dental space for rent in an environment that will encourage growth and development of your dental practice.

Mellissa Moore Joins Florida Medical Space

Florida Medical Space Announces Addition of Mellissa Moore, Medical Real Estate Consultant

Coral Springs, FL –March 10, 2014–

Florida Medical Space, Inc. announced today that Mellissa Moore has joined the firm as Medical Real Estate Consultant. Mellissa is a senior real estate professional with more than a decade of real estate valuation, sales and acquisition, as well as finance, alternative energy and design experience. Over that time Ms. Moore has achieved significant expertise and knowledge in the following disciplines including but not limited to, real estate valuation as a Certified Real Estate Appraiser; real estate sales, acquisitions, and leasing as a Licensed REALTOR; creative finance and tax shelter options for real estate acquisitions via Self Directed retirements funds and 1031 exchanges; syndications; architectural design principles; as well as, alternative energy sales, finance, design, development and implementation. Through these activities Ms. Moore has helped many clients achieve their real estate, valuation, alternative energy, and design goals.

Currently focused on the Florida Medical Office Building (MOB) market, Ms. Moore is focused on assisting South Florida’s medical professionals, office building owners and investors meet the ever increasing demand for healthcare services in the South Florida region.

Ms. Moore has assumed responsibility for leasing a growing portfolio of 300,000 square feet of medical office space on and around hospital campuses in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

She can be reached via email at mellissa@floridamedspace.com.

Medical Building Purchase Orange Park, Florida

2021 Bldg Pic

Florida Medical Space  Announces Medical Building Purchase  in Orange Park, Florida


Coral Springs, FL –December 11, 2013 – Florida Medical Space, Inc. announced today that the company represented Orange Park Medical Center in the purchase of 2021 Professional Center in Orange Park, Florida.  The transaction was valued at $2,400,000 and closed on December 5, 2013.  Laura DiBella and Tom Adams of Florida Medical Space represented the buyer.

Orange Park Medical Center (‘OPMC’) is a 255 bed acute care hospital owned by HCA and located in Orange Park, Florida.  This purchase provides OPMC with much needed out-patient medical office space adjacent to its campus.



About Florida Medical Space, Inc.

Florida Medical Space, Inc.  specializes in the representation of healthcare companies in the facilitation of their medical building purchase and other real estate requirements throughout Florida.   If you have a need for medical space Florida, Florida Medical Space can assist you with the leasing medical space throughout the State.  There are many attractive and reasonably priced options for medical space Jacksonville heading into 2014.  Please call Tom Adams at (954) 346-8200 x201.

Florida Medical Space, Inc.’s press releases and additional company information can be found on its website, www.floridamedspace.com.


Press Release



Medical Office Space Plantation, Florida

New Medical Office Space coming to market in Plantation, Florida </p>Construction of the 38,670 square foot, 3 story Westside Medical Arts project in Plantation has hit a milestone.  The exterior walls were tilted into place bringing additional medical office space Plantation closer to a reality. The medical office space Plantation will be completed in January 2014.  The first tenants taking occupancy in early 2014.  Medical space Plantation is available on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Westside Medical Arts.  The developer is providing turn-key build out packages to qualified medical practices. Plantation is an excellent city within Broward County to expand or relocate your medical practice. This new medical office space is situated at the main entrance to Westside Regional Medical Center,  a 204 bed acute care hospital owned by HCA</p>Plantation is located in central Broward County and is easily accessible by several major roadways including I-595, Florida’s Turnpike, the Sawgrass Expressway and Broward Boulevard.</p>Florida Medical Space is a full service commercial real estate brokerage and development company based in Coral Springs.  The firm offers Tenant Representation Services and a full spectrum of marketing and leasing services to medical office building owners throughout South Florida.</p>

Call Tom Adams at (954) 346-8200 x201 for more information.

Medical Office Space Kendall

medical office space Kendall

There are a not lot of real estate agencies that deal with specifically with medical office spaces, and can assist you to ensure that you get the best location, facilities and leasing deal for your medical practice. When it comes to having a medical office space Kendall has a lot of options, and the spaces can be easily bought, leased or taken on rent with the assistance of the professionals at Florida Medical Space.

But the question that comes in mind is which option is the best. Leasing may be the best out there for you as without going through the hassle of purchasing, you can lease the property for your own needs. You also do not own the property so the responsibility also diminishes, although you may have less control over the physical environment. As well, the choice to lease your Florida medical office space relinquishes any ability to build your real estate holdings portfolio and thusly the value of your practice overall.

If you are looking to lease the medical office space, there are several things that you should be considering before signing a rental contract. These are:

  • When you to look to lease a medical office space Kendall has several rules that should be kept in mind. The landlord will have the right to inspect the property whenever he wants to, therefore there should be an agreement with him that he does not invade the patients privacy rights.
  • When you are looking to operate 24/7, make sure you discuss with the landlord if that can happen or not. The reason behind this is that many times the landlord pays the utility bill, and may not be comfortable with a 24/7 timing.
  • Seek knowledge about how the office was used previously. Conversion of an regular business office space may not be very easy to do as the layout may have to be changed completely. This is why it is always better to see how it was used previously to get a better idea.
  • Also, see the allowable usage of the premises as landlords may not allow all activities on the premises. See if you can use all the important machines, and where the hazardous waste (if any) will be disposed of.

It is important to look out for and consider all these points before opting for leasing a medical office space Kendall real estate experts at Florida Medical Space will advise you on which is the best option to take.

View Kendall Medical Office Space Listings

Medical Space Plantation

Medical space Plantation

Seeking a medical space Plantation, Florida? There are several options in Plantation to chose from.  The market is generally divided east and west with University Drive being the unofficial dividing line.  In eastern Plantation you will find Class B and C buildings situated around City Hall and a separate submarket surrounding Plantation General Hospital which is located on US Highway 441.  Florida Medical Space actively tracks the medical space Plantation market and is aware of several attractive for lease or sale options.

Florida Medical Space represents a new medical office development currently under construction on campus at Westside Regional Medical Center. View the property information by clicking here – Westside Medical Plaza.  The developer is delivering new turn-key offices to physicians with no investment required.  In addition, a local investment group recently purchased one of the on campus buildings at Plantation General Hospital and is in the midst of an extensive renovation effort. The best thing you can do is site with a medical real estate expert at Florida Medical Space and determine what area of medical space Plantation would best meet your needs and then FMS will survey the market to determine what options are available to you.

If you are to be successful in your efforts to rent the medical office space that best suits your needs, there are numerous points that you must be keeping in mind as you begin your search for the perfect medical space. These are:

  • Determine what area of medical office space Plantation in which your medical practice would best be located.  If you are an OB/Gyn practice, you may want to consider an office around Plantation General Hospital.  If you want to be central to the entire population than you may consider a location on or around University Drive and Broward Blvd.
  • Keep in mind that not all properties are zoned to allow for medical office space Plantation.  These restrictions will drastically limit the options available to you. The FMS professionals know which buildings are properly zoned.
  • As the competition to attract and maintain patients intensifies, it is important that your new office be conveniently located and inviting to your patients.  Leasing the cheapest office may cost you thousands in lost revenues as patients choose to go to more inviting facilities who show a commitment to serving the patient’s needs.
  • Invariably you will save money by finding 2nd generation medical space or a property owner who is willing to renovate the office for you.

It is necessary to look out for and take into consideration all these points before leasing our purchasing your next medical office Plantation.

Medical space Plantation Real Estate Services

The medical space Plantation Real Estate Services Professionals at Florida Medical Space will find the best solution to get your medical practice up and running in the ideal location.

View Plantation Medical Office Space Listings

JFK Medical Arts 1st Floor Available

We are pleased to announce that you can now lease medical office space JFK Medical Arts.  Space from 1,500 to 17,000 square feet will be custom designed and built to our tenants’ specifications.  It is virtually unheard of for doctors to receive turn-key buildouts in brand new medical office buildings, but we are motivated to finalize the lease-up of this prime healthcare facility as soon as possible.

JFK Medical Center has leased 10,000 square feet for their faculty practice. Dr. Rudolfo Trejo moved his nearby office into the building, as did Dr. Fishel’s electrophysiology practice.

Contact Tom Adams at tomadams@floridamedspace.com for more information.

Medical Office Space Jacksonville

Things to consider before leasing or buying medical office space Jacksonville

medical office space Jacksonville

There are very few real estate brokerages that are functioning entirely to meet the needs of healthcare providers in Jacksonville when it comes to renting or purchasing medical real estate. With a very high demand for medical space to meet the needs of the baby boomers as they age, the professionals at Florida Medical Space can assist you in determining the best location from which to operate your medical office space Jacksonville business.

Jacksonville has a sizable populace of more than 1,300,000 people in the city. Understanding the demographics and what area of the City to locate within is key to your success.  Competition within the healthcare community is fierce, with such major healthcare systems as HCA,  St. Vincent’s Healthcare, UF Health Jacksonville and Baptist Health battling for market share.

  • Determine what area of medical office space Jacksonville in which your medical practice would best be located.  If you are affiliated with certain hospital networks, then that will dictate your location. Knowing what areas of the City are growing and the demographic profile of the patients you look to capture is key.
  • Keep in mind that not all properties are zoned to allow for medical office space Jacksonville.  These restrictions will drastically limit the options available to you. The FMS professionals know which buildings are properly zoned.
  • As the competition to attract and maintain patients intensifies, it is important that your new office be conveniently located and inviting to your patients.  Leasing the cheapest office may cost you thousands in lost revenues as patients choose to go to more inviting facilities who show a commitment to serving the patient’s needs.
  • Invariably you will save money by finding 2nd generation medical space or a property owner who is willing to renovate the office for you.
  • One more essential point to keep in mind while you seek medical office space Jacksonville is whether to lease or puchase your next office. The professionals at Florida Medical Space can help determine what strategy will accomplish your objectives and has analytic tools to compare lease versus purchase options.

    Talk with the medical office space Jacksonville medical real estate specialists at Florida Medical Space to help you determine the best options for your medical practice today. Call 1.954.346.8200 Ext. 201.  We can help find the best location if we don’t represent a property that meets your needs.

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