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The team of professionals at Florida Medical Space are highly specialized and skilled in identifying opportunities in the market that meet your needs.  We allow you to leverage your time and resources.  We negotiate aggressively on your behalf and protect your best interests in each real estate transaction.  Whether you seek to purchase, lease or sell your next property, we are here to help.

In fact, often our services are provided at no cost to you with potential savings of thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of your time.

When you contact a landlord or seller, the person you speak with is charged with achieving the best possible terms for the other party in the transaction.  When you retain FMS, we level the playing field and bring a higher level of professionalism to the process.  Landlords understand that when they are contacted by one of our professionals, that the tenant-buyer is serious about their property needs.


Enlightened healthcare providers realize their time is better spent seeing patients and appreciate the expertise of our focused team of real estate professionals. Our corporate clients leverage their time and our market knowledge to their benefit.  Even our clients who are expert negotiators realize the value in having a intermediary between themselves and the other party to the transaction.  Having our team of medical real estate experts on your side is akin to seeking advice from your attorney or accountant, with one important difference…we don’t charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

The bottom line is that it makes complete sense to have our team of medical real estate experts on your side as you lease or purchase commercial property.

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