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Florida Medical Space is dedicated to helping the senior citizens of Florida by working with the senior care industry to provide places for our older generation to live out their later years.  Our Senior Living Facilities division offers expert guidance to the owners and investors  of ALFs, nursing homes and adult short-term and extended care facilities.

Acquisition and Development

We maintain a large network of contacts throughout the industry. We offer buyer representation to help locate, value, negotiate and close your acquisitions.  Our professional advisors will guide you through the acquisition of a facility that meets your investment parameters.


Senior care real estate transactions can be complex with a several step process that leads to a successful closing.  Our team helps sellers with valuation, confidential marketing, contract negotiation, due diligence, financing, closing , regulatory considerations and management.  Our team can also assist you in structuring joint ventures with an existing owner of a Senior Care Facility or a land owner who is interested in developing a new facility on their site.

When it comes time to sell, we are committed to obtaining maximum value for our clients.  Our network of investors and relationships around the State of Florida and the United States will make a difference in the timing and profitability of your sale.  Our team is knowledgeable, hardworking, experienced in senior care real estate, and dedicated to uncompromising service.

Advisory Services

Florida Medical Space has the experience and resources to provide expert guidance whatever your needs may be.  Our Advisory Services division provides valuations, feasibility studies and can point you in the right direction.

Our valuation can help an owner understand their position and their options.  Florida Medical Space analyzes the property, its financials, and its potential to determine its current market value.

Our Senior Living Facilities market and feasibility studies are an important step for any new development.

Request a Valuation

The first step to sell a property is to determine its value.  Florida Medical Space offer valuations to potential clients, and advises the seller on the various ways that a property can be sold to achieve the highest price and the best return for the seller.

If you are considering selling a senior care facility, request our complimentary valuation.  Contact Tom Adams at for a confidential evaluation of your senior care facility.

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