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Full Service Marketing to Maximize your Return on Investment.

The professionals at Florida Medical Space offer leasing and sales services to create a custom marketing plan for your property in order to attract the right tenants or investor.  We believe that success comes from a well rounded and aggressive marketing program.

All brokers are not created equal. The employment of a broker by a landlord or tenant typically creates a fiduciary responsibility for the broker to act in the best interests of one party which can often come at the expense of the other. FMS looks at the role of a successful broker as an intermediary whose job it is to interpret the needs of both parties to a transaction and present solutions that ultimately achieve mutual objectives of both parties and prompts action that results in a meeting of the minds.

All parties to a transaction must perceive value in order to reach an agreement. Property owners who realize the terms necessary to attract and retain tenants will achieve above average leasing success compared to those who insist on achieving a certain set of terms that does not align with existing market conditions. Tenants who feel they have negotiated and achieved success are more likely to commit.

It is with focused effort and energy in which all aspects of our marketing program are implemented over an extended period of time, that momentum and tangible leasing results will be achieved. All things being equal, owners who are willing to invest well placed marketing capital into the successful leasing or sale of their properties will achieve above average absorption and maintain occupancy levels that exceed market averages. This must be coupled with a stellar property management and tenant retention program. On the contrary, owners who focus on finding a broker who will work for less very often suffer from months of opportunity costs as space sits vacant.

Our founder and CEO has specialized in medical real estate brokerage for over 22 years here in Florida. This is by far the most challenging sector of the commercial real estate industry. Having said that, we have been highly successful in implementing our marketing and leasing program over the years.

Here are some details regarding our program.

• A market study is completed upon being retained so we can better understand the competitive landscape.

• The target market for many of our assignments are those practices who have already committed to be being there, but who may need more or less space, or who have other objectives that drive the need to relocate. Our program will focus with varying degrees of intensity on three (3) levels of geography. The first is doctors who are currently located within one (1) mile of the subject property and/or on staff at the local hospital. The second level includes doctors who located within five (5) miles of the subject property and/or are on staff at competing hospitals. The third level of marketing includes all doctors who are located within the extended trade area. In addition to the above, we identify those specialists that would best complement the existing tenants at the property, and reach out to them on a more personal basis.

• FMS just invested thousands of dollars to update its in house database of all Florida physicians. We market to these physicians as needed.

• FMS maintains a long term relationship with a direct mail printer and mailing company who offers preferred pricing on large volume mail campaigns. FMS has an existing, highly motivated sales staff.

• FMS employs a sales assistant whose sole purpose is to cold call physician offices and perform follow up duties in support of our sales staff in order to set meetings and showings with potential tenants.

• An FMS representative regularly canvasses physician offices from leads that are garnered through our other marketing efforts.

• FMS has the ability to email blast the brokerage community and will advertise the portfolio on a regular basis at no additional cost.

• FMS will work with property management to identify ways to maximize the curb appeal of the property and the initial impressions that the vacant spaces portray. Every existing and prospective tenant must be treated as a limited and diminishing resource.

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