Dental Office Space

Selecting an office location is one of the most important decisions professionals in dentistry face. Interpreting the demographic, density, real estate, and industry data that guide a property search is crucial in selecting prime space for doing business. Making use of this data within a complex and dynamic commerical real estate market requries an expert understanding of the challenges and trends faced by the healthcare industry as well as how those factors impact local real estate opportunities. Due to our years of experience helping doctors in Florida, we are uniquely positioned to help dentists with all of their real estate needs.

Determining Your Trade Area

Most dentists we work with already have a general idea of where they want to practice. However, there is a difference between having a preference for a certain area, county, or city and having a narrowed trade area that satisfies your standards. Florida Medical Space helps professionals make sense of data points such as average age, household incomes, ethnicity, native language, population, and insurance data so that your decision can be an informed one.

Gauging Patient Needs

Convenience has become one of the biggest factors for patients as they select their healthcare providers. Especially in dentistry, the retailization of health care has caused practices to have the greatest chances of success in consumer-facing locations. Visibility, frontage, and access are examples of the features a property can have that have the potential to make or break a practice’s success. Florida Medical Space’s professionals have spent years selling and leasing medical office space throughout Florida. Our team has developed a unique understanding of these ways to cater to patients, and we use that expertise to advocate passionately on our clients’ behalf.

Planning for Growth

Dentistry is one of many healthcare specialties in which many doctors are banding together to provide their services as part of a larger group. This methodology is hailed by groups as a branding strategy as well as a way to cut down on administrative costs and inefficiencies. Whether you are a key decision-maker at one of these groups and need help beginning or sustaining the expansion process, or a dentist who simply wants to ensure flexibility for growth potential in the future, our experience across Florida guarantees a broad enough scope to assist you.

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